The Principles and Practice of Meditation Online Seminar with Vic Hao Chin

The Transformative Power of Meditation

Online Seminar Exploring Meditation with Vicent Hao Chin

In the proposed seminar consisting of three gatherings on zoom under the aegis of the European School of Theosophy we will focus on Meditation.

There are two purposes in meditation: to attain personal equanimity and to attain self-transcendence. The first one is the aim of all who meditate, but the second purpose is sought only by a very small percentage of meditators. The sessions on meditation will endeavor to touch on the essential elements of the above two goals.

The first session is a study of the principles of meditation based on an understanding of our levels of consciousness. It will touch on classic approaches to disciplining the monkey mind towards the stabilization of inner awareness. The session will also look into the major obstacles in the successful practice of meditation.

The second session is on the need to integrate daily living with the meditative practice. Equanimity can only be attained by the cessation of inner conflicts or incongruities. The habits and behaviors of daily life must therefore be reviewed to make them congruent with a peaceful life.

The third session will be on the spiritual or the mystical life, which has time-tested requirements in the pursuit of the transcendent life. Gleaning from the cumulative experiences of mystics from all cultures and since the ancient times, the rules or guidelines of the mystical life are laid out clearly for any serious aspirant.


The Principles and Practice of Meditation

15 May, Saturday
Time 11 GMT

The Integration of Meditational Practice with Daily Life

22 May Saturday
Time 11:00  GMT

Vicente Hao Chin, Jr., is one of the world’s most distinguished Theosophists. Past president of the Theosophical Society in the Philippines and founder and chairman of the Golden Link School. He is author of Why Meditate? and The Process of Self-Transformation: Mastery of the Self and Awakening of Our Higher Potentials. He also compiled, edited, and published the chronological edition of The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett and is editor of Theosophical Digest, published in the Philippines, and associate editor of Theosopedia: The Internet Theosophical Encyclopedia. This interview was conducted during his visit to the Olcott campus in February 2012.

The Spiritual Life

29 May Saturday.
Time 11:00  GMT


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