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The online course, Introduction to Theosophy lvl I. is based on the book “Deity Cosmos & Man: An Outline of Esoteric Science” by Geoffrey A. Farthing, one of the founders of the European School  of Theosophy (EuST). His book was first printed in 2010 by The Blavatsky Trust Publications, and they have kindly granted permission to the EuST to use this text for the course created by Juliet Bates.

The course is divided into two parts of 14 chapters each, as they appear in the book. A set of Self-Assessment questions has been formulated for each chapter, and a segment entitled “Connecting the Dots” has been especially prepared to act as a bridge between the chapters, offering further insight into the topics. These segments are also present in video format which aim to create a sense of support and companionship during this journey of discovery.

Each chapter addresses specific teachings of Esoteric Science. The topics include: The Hierarchies of Beings; Akasha and the Astral Light; Elements and Elementals; Death and Rebirth; Spiritualism and Psychism; and Spiritual Development.

The European School of Theosophy will award an “Introduction to Theosophy Certificate” on completion of the course.


  1. About Esoteric Science. Assessment. Connecting the Dots.

  2. The Scope & Framework of the Science. Assessment. Connecting the Dots.

  3. The Occult Constitution of Cosmos & Man. Assessment. Connecting the Dots.

  4. The Hierarchies of Beings. Assessment. Connecting the Dots.

  5. Akasha and The Astral Light. Assessment. Connecting the Dots.

  6. Elements & Elementals. Assessment. Connecting the Dots.

  7. Law in Cosmos and Human Life. Assessment. Connecting the Dots.

  8. Death and Rebirth. Assessment. Connecting the Dots.

  9. Origins. Assessment. Connecting the Dots.

  10. Globes, Rounds and Races. Assessment. Connecting the Dots.

  11. Ever-Becoming, The Process of Evolution. Assessment. Connecting the Dots.

  12. Spiritualism and Psychism. Assessment. Connecting the Dots.

  13. Spiritual Development. Assessment. Connecting the Dots.

  14. Religion. Assessment. Connecting the Dots.

Juliet Bates

Juliet Bates was born in England, has lived in Australia, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, and is now based in Milan. Her study of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings began at an early age, expanded by fundamental texts of Theosophy, Esoteric Science, Kabbalah and Buddhism. A member of the British Psychological Society for over twenty years, she holds a degree in psychology and is a teacher and translator. She has also translated Theosophical texts and teaches a variety of courses from a Foundation in Theosophy to Inner Group Teachings aimed at Spiritual Development, and practices healing as a Reiki Master Teacher. She is a member of Wales/London Lodge and is currently the European School of Theosophy Managing Editor of Publications and On-line Courses.

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