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Cosmogenesis Rebirth of the Universe – Petra Meyer

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The S.D. tells us, that Space as an abstraction is endless, but in its concreteness, it becomes a representation of something deeper, manifesting ideas from a realm of potentialities in regular intervals, every time on a more perfect plane according to the law of evolution, an ongoing process of activity and rest called the “Days and Nights of Brahma” in Hindu Philosophy. It always starts again where it has left, all memory being stored in the spiritual essence of Akasa, a subjective energy field containing the ideation of the Universe. Akasa or Mulaprakriti is the rootless root of Nature, which is perfectly unknown to us, says HPB in her S.D. Commentaries. It is a bit like a Black Hole in Astrophysics, into which very massive stars collapse at the end of their life cycle, disappearing in a Black Hole which we cannot penetrate (ZME Science.) Nothing can escape a black hole or the unknown darkness, not even light. But the eminent British physicists Stephen Hawking suggested, that information is still retained at the boundary of black holes… A consequence of this rule is, that information can never disappear, not even if the matter or energy it is linked to is being sucked into a black hole, because it does not just vanish in its fathomless depth, but is trapped at the event horizon or its boundary, waiting for its next time of manifestation, like the skandhas in Theosophy.

Cosmogenesis Rebirth of the Universe - Petra Meyer

Cosmogenesis Rebirth of the Universe – Petra Meyer

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