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Blavatsky’s Quest for the Secret of Reincarnation in Ancient Wisdom – Dr Tim Rudbøg

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One of the ways in which Blavatsky sought to prove the importance and reality of Theosophy, including the doctrine of reincarnation, was by showing that it was not something made up or a novelty, but in fact a doctrine quite ancient. In writing and seeking evidence for her perspectives in this regard Blavatsky was fairly distinct from many mystics and occultists who primarily relied on their own visions and experiences. Thankfully, this gives us more tangible access to the significant details of theosophical perspectives on reincarnation. What did Blavatsky, for example, find in ancient history about reincarnation and how did she use this relatively obscure and unstudied material? This presentation will explore these questions in relation to Blavatsky’s insightful discussions with scientists and theologians of her time. In this regard, it must also be taken into consideration that reincarnation was very far from being as well-known and popular as it is today. Based on the study of ancient texts and translations from ancient Greece and Asia, Blavatsky significantly argued the case for the existence of reincarnation in both nature and Christianity alike. Blavatsky, for example, came to realize and provocatively argued that reincarnation exists in the foundation of Christianity if it only be interpreted correctly and that everything in nature, in fact, undergoes reincarnation as per natural law. In this way, Blavatsky prominently used the voices of the ancients to impact the modern world and thus bringing reincarnation into popularity among a significant number of people today.

Blavatskys Quest for the Secret of Reincarnation

Blavatsky’s Quest for the Secret of Reincarnation in Ancient Wisdom – Dr Tim Rudbøg

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