Since 1982

Tom Bree

Tom Bree


Tom Bree is a Geometer- Artist, Teacher and Writer.

He studied the practice of Sacred Geometry at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts under Professor Keith Critchlow between 2001-03.
He has since taught classes in practical geometry and philosophy at the Prince’s School as well as for many other organisations and institutes both in the UK, where he lives, but also internationally.

For the past 10 years, Tom has been analysing the underlying design of the first English Gothic cathedral in relation to the Quadrivial arts of Geometry, Cosmology, Musical Ratios and Arithmetic. He is soon to publish a long-awaited book on the subject in 2021 which will demonstrate the importance of cosmic myth and the ascent of the soul within medieval Christian ideas. The book will also contain a detailed description of the design theory itself that embodies this mythos.