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Orlando Fernandez PhD

Orlando Fernandez PhD


Orlando is the son of a wise woman of the Conchero magical tradition in Mexico, He started his spiritual journey at a very early age, participating in festivals and open-air rituals very often performed at the top of forgotten pyramids, set in the volcanic landscape of his native land. Some years later, while reading pure mathematics, Orlando discovered his true spiritual love: the Western Esoteric Tradition. The charms of Rosicrucianism, Alchemy, and Theosophy proved to be an irresistible attraction and since then Orlando has been studying and participating in the practical work of several esoteric fraternities. In particular, he has been a member of the Theosophical Society in England for several years, where he has been invited to give lectures to his fellow Theosophists on several occasions. Orlando likes to emphasise that he has approached the esoteric not only from the practical side but he also has a keen interest in the philosophical and the scholarly aspects of the esoteric. Orlando completed an MA in Western Esotericism at the University of Exeter writing a memoire on “Music and Esotericism in the Twentieth Century.” Having obtained a PhD in Mathematical Physics from the Unversity of Paris followed by a series of postgraduate research work in King’s College of London and being trained as a scientist Orlando is also very interested in the relationship between science and the esoteric, and has written a PhD dissertation “Esoteric Quantization: The Influence of the Esoteric Imagination in the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics”. Orlando also likes to point out that his spiritual journey is not limited to the Western tradition as he has been engaged with the practical side of Kashmir Shaivism, and he is pursuing a serious programme of Yoga in Shrinagar, Rishikesh, and Varanasi.

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