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José Anacleto

José Anacleto


José Manuel Anacleto – Student of Theosophy since 1979. Editor of Biosofia Magazine. President of the Centro Lusitano de Unificação Cultural, where three volumes of texts by Helena Blavatsky, have been published for the first time in Portuguese. Others will follow in the future, namely a reedition of A.P.Sinett’s The Esoteric Buddhism, The Secret Books of Blavatsky, by David Reigle and Nancy Reigle, and in the upcoming months, the full Portuguese version of The Secret Doctrine Commentaries.

Author of about 40 books, in which we can highlight Esotericism from A to Z, Alexandria and the Sacred Knowledge, The Ebionites, The Dual Mind – from Slavery to Freedom, etc., etc. He has also written the introduction for a Portuguese edition of “The Voice of the Silence”.

Commissioner and author of the 24 panels of the Exhibition on Helena Blavatsky, which took place in Lisbon, in May 2018. The papers were later reproduced also in Brazil.
Organizer of several congresses and author of hundreds of lectures and hundreds of articles on Theosophy, Esoteric Philosophy and Spiritual Traditions.

On those same subjects he has given several dozen courses and seminars: “The Universe and the Divine Plan” (7 years, 231 sessions), “Central Ideas of The Secret Doctrine and the Letters of the Mahatmas” (15 sessions), “Commentary on Dzyan’s Cosmogonic Stations” (16 sessions), “Commentary on ‘The Voice of the Silence’, by Helena Blavatsky” (13 sessions), “Realities and Misconceptions about Theosophical Esotericism (Who Helena Blavatsky and Her Masters Really Were and what they Taught) (15 sessions), “Fundamentals of Esoteric Philosophy” (18 sessions), “Essential Notions of Theosophical Cosmogony” (12 sessions). “The Three Logöi in Macrocosms and Microcosms”, “Occult Anthropogenesis” (8 sessions), “Astrology, Cosmogony and Esoteric Anthropogenesis” (17 sessions), “Esoteric and Evolutionary Psychology” (16 sessions), “Pain and Happiness in the Light of Theosophy” (8 sessions), “The Parallel Universes of Consciousness” (8 sessions), “The Great Teachers” (12 sessions), “Comments on the Tao Te King” (11 sessions), “Christian Esotericisms” (15 sessions), “Christianity in the Light of Esotericism” (16 sessions), “The Sephiroth in the Tree of Life” (12 sessions), “Fernando Pessoa” (18 sessions), “Poetry with Wisdom” (12 sessions), “From Alpha to Omega” (23 sessions), “The Great Religious Philosophies of the East”, “Islam and Its Great Aspects”, “Hermeticism and Practical Application”, “Life After Death”, “The Mystery of Perfect Joy”, “The Disciple on the Path and His Relation with the World”, etc.

All session by José Anacleto