Since 1982

Jacques Mahnich

Jacques Mahnich


Jacques Mahnich spent his professional carrier in Aeronautical Engineering Industry. Specialized in electronics and real-time controls, he was involved in many advanced projects in aeronautics as a designer, manager and director. This period of experience provided me with a strong impulse toward learning and mastering the understanding of our material world, especially relativity and quantum physics.

He joined the French T.S. in 1978, where he was active in the Marseilles Lodges for years, and then in Paris. He is a recognized international lecturer, delivering School of the Wisdom (Adyar), Schools of Theosophy and lectures in many places worldwide.

In 2014, he launched a web-based Project , dedicated to the monitoring and analysis of scientific articles which have some relevance with the Wisdom Traditions teachings. This project publishes a quarterly review “Researches Relevant to Theosophy”.

Building bridges between Science and Traditions is one of his main focuses and activity.

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