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Arni Nare’ndran

Arni Nare’ndran


Arni Nare’ndran joined the Theosophical Society in 1975 and served as the manager of the International Theosophical youth centre at the Adyar, Chennai, Headquarters. He is the Honorary Treasurer of the Blavatsky Lodge in Mumbai and on the Advisory of the Synergy Trust an organization that endeavors to diffuse Theosophical ideals and content through its journal and poetry, to University students in the city of Mumbai. He is an award-winning Banker, having won honours in Banking conclaves in Shanghai and Dubai. He has been equally passionate in Theosophy and the Arts domain, for over four decades.

Having grown up in a family of Artists, he has been an inclusive witness to India’s burgeoning art scene over the years, through his postings to various cities in the subcontinent viz Kolkotta, Baroda, Chennai Kochi, and Delhi. He has been featured in Dueche well travel documentary visiting Art galleries in Berlin. He attended the first Biennale in Kochi India- Kochi Muziris and the ArT Buenos Aires (ART BA) in Argentina. He was commissioned to source Artworks from artists of the Baroda Art school for a private collector which collections are now housed in a Museum. He has also delivered public lectures on Theosophy and Art in Mumbai. He describes his enthralling moments in his Art journey when he attended a Picasso collective at the heavily guarded NGMA in New Delhi and more recently, REMBRANDT- Britain’s discovery of the Master- exhibition at Edinburgh, Scotland. He is an active contributor to journals across the Theosophical world and can be contacted at

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