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Mary Abdill

Mary Abdill


Mary Abdill is the founder and president of Creative Data Movers, Inc., and brings to her company rich and diverse technical and training experience. Mary is a consultant, IT instructor, courseware developer, and popular stand-up instructor with specialized skills in the area of application design and development. She brings to her students a rich and diverse technical and training experience. A skilled and enthusiastic instructor, Mary teaches a wide variety of mainframe and web application development courses and workshops for IT developers, support personnel and end users.

New York University’s School of Continuing Education recognized Mary’s outstanding ability as an educator by presenting to her the School’s Award for Teaching Excellence and promoting her to Adjunct Assistant Professor. Mary also has taught a number of courses at Columbia University.

Corporate on-site Boot Camps are one of Mary’s specialties. She has designed, developed and taught numerous highly successful web application developer and mainframe application developer bootcamps ranging from a few months to many over six months long (5 days/week). The student audiences have ranged from C/C++ programmers learning COBOL, to mainframers enhancing their skills by learning web development, as well as recent IT graduates and students new to programming who learn to develop business applications. These were in-depth bootcamps that enhanced student’s existing skills as well as taught them good coding practices and industry standards. These bootcamps were all customized to the client’s existing computing environment and standards.

And Mary’s courseware design skills are evident in the unique style she has developed for Creative Data Movers’ instructional materials. She displayed similar expertise as co-author of four versions of Fast Access LOTUS 1-2-3, a Simon & Schuster self-study text on business applications of PC software.

Prior to forming her own company in 1984, Mary managed the Advanced Programming curriculum and developed the PC curriculum for a major communications company, addressing the training needs of system developers, programmers, operations and end users. Her area of expertise focuses on application development and programming, with strong abilities in the areas of systems and operations support.

As an application developer and technical consultant, Mary has developed systems from bookstore query and order systems to telephone data capture systems, registration systems, art-history database systems, and numerous report and update systems. She has provided consulting and training support for many major financial institutions including many financial institutions, banks and brokerage firms, utilities, insurance firms, retail industry companies, and nonprofit institutions.

Recently, Mary developed and recorded two technical eLearning courses, using Camtasia and a webcam. She has successfully taught many virtual training classes to remote students, once from her hotel room in January, 2011 when snow prevented students from reaching the classroom.