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Emerging Proofs of Reincarnation

17 Oct 2019
Conference Hall

Emerging Proofs of Reincarnation

Half a century ago belief in reincarnation in the West was firmly a minority pursuit – the weird and cranky world of a few spiritual eccentrics. But there has been a remarkable sea-change. Reliable surveys in recent decades in Europe and the US showing growing interest in this idea. Recent research reveals that up to a third of people now describe themselves as ‘spiritual but not religious’ with most of these also believing in re-birth of some kind. Some polls even show more people believing in reincarnation than in God! This is progress.

However, the majority of people remain unconvinced. Even providing ‘physical’ proof of non-material realities still fails to persuade diehard sceptics that re-birth is a reality. Those of a materialistic rather than spiritual persuasion smugly assert that anyone entertaining such ridiculous notions are crazy or at least deluded victims of wishful thinking or ‘primitive superstition’? Nothing – not even repeated cycles of birth, death and re-birth – convinces the cynics that we experience more than one visit to the classrooms of Earth School.

Nevertheless, evidence for re-birth is powerful if not overwhelming – ranging from potent past-life memories and deep-seated phobias to Near Death Experiences, physical scars and much else besides. Humanity’s expanding intuitional abilities have also convinced many that they have been here before and will return again. In addition, there has been a vast amount of research conducted since World War II and much of it this highly persuasive. Tim Wyatt has been sifting through the vast body of ‘supposed ‘evidence’.