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Reincarnation – Its causes and Processes

16 Oct 2019
Conference Hall

Reincarnation – Its causes and Processes

Reincarnation means the same thing as rebirth, re-embodiment, transmigration and metempsychosis. Human soul returns to earth many times and takes up residence each time in a new physical body in order to continue the soul's progressive journey of inner evolution, advancement, development and unfoldment.

There are eleven causes of Reincarnation:

1. The unfulfilled desires of the soul.
2. The soul still has lessons to learn, improve and evolve.
3. The soul still has “Karmic Debts;” to work off to further balance its Karma.
4. The building of perfect humanity in which positive and negative elements must find complete equilibrium.
5. To balance the soul according to its deeds and its needs for inner evolution, development and learning the lesson right.
6. To adjust the balance of the soul in possessing bodies belonging to one particular gender.
7. To make the soul fully realize its own divine nature.
8. To achieve evolution as its goal through individual experience and making and experiencing choice.
9. The desire of the soul for an active life and the thirst for sentient existence.
10. The soul needs to undergo a full range of experience which one life cannot provide.
11. To enjoy the fruits of good Karma.

Souls do not reincarnate instantly after death. They recuperate for decades, review the lessons learned from last life and plan their next life. The journey of a soul is a process of evolving and growing in consciousness. We go through 5 major stages of evolution through reincarnation. The Infant Soul, Baby Soul, Young Soul, Mature Soul, and Old Soul. Within each stage of reincarnation, there are 7 discrete learning steps. The early steps in each stage are about experiencing and learning from life. The later steps are about expressing those lessons and demonstrating this level of consciousness in action.