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Man – the eternal Pilgrim

18 Oct 2019
Conference Hall

Man – the eternal Pilgrim

The eternal Pilgrim in the ever-changing differentiation in Space an time, a spark of the One Absolute and unknowable Principle on which no speculation is possible.

The difficulty of explaining the fact that “unintelligent Forces can give rise to highly intelligent beings like ourselves,” is covered by the eternal progression of cycles, and the process of evolution ever perfecting its work as it goes along, wrote The Mahatma KH in letter 90 (chronol. Edition), and that includes us
Human Beings.

The SD further tells us, that which lives and thinks in Man is a masterpiece of evolution which has two aspects, the Higher eternal spiritual Individuality and immortal Monad (Buddhi-Manas), and its reflection – the brain-consciousness or personality, being but a distorted reflection through a physical basis of the manasic self, which is the only immortal and eternal principle in us.

“The personality is just an instrument for harvesting experience for the Buddhi-Manas or monad, and saturating it with the aroma of consciously-acquired experiences” (CW VIII p. 339).

“The law of Karma is inextricably interwoven with that of reincarnation. . . . . It is only this doctrine that can explain to us the mysterious problem of good and evil, and reconcile man to the … apparent injustice of life.”(SD I p. 643 ff)