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Children’s Memories of Previous Lives – Dr Jim Tucker

16 Oct 2019
Conference Hall

Children’s Memories of Previous Lives – Dr Jim Tucker

Researchers at the University of Virginia, beginning with Ian Stevenson, have investigated children’s reports of past-life memories for the last fifty years, studying more than 2,500 cases from around the world. In most of them, a deceased individual has been identified whose life matched the details given by the child.

The children typically talk about the past life at a very early age. Many of them also show behaviors that appear connected to that life, such as intense emotion regarding previous family members, phobias related to the previous person’s mode of death, and gender nonconformity when the past life was as a member of the opposite sex.

The presentation will include an overview of the research and the details of recent American cases. The well-known case of James Leininger, a boy who had memories of being a pilot who was killed in World War II, will be reviewed in detail.