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Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

17 Oct 2019
Conference Hall

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Theosophy is the accumulation of ancient wisdom and so we will talk of Theosophy and Science. While Science has constantly undergone changes, Theosophy has not. Science is the accumulation of facts established by deductive and inductive methods and conclusions of scientists. Theosophy or the occult version of the universe goes back to the dawn of human race and is handed down to us by seers.

In modern times, science symbolizes progress and enlightenment. The past is looked down as a time of infancy and immaturity. Modern Science has described the universe as a complex but unconscious mechanical system. In contrast, Theosophy describes the universe as a consciousness which is the primary attribute of existence. Science recognizes only those phenomena as real that can be objectively observed and measured. Theosophy acknowledges many realities which are observable only in special states of consciousness.

The most critical difference between Theosophy and Science is its image of human nature. Science portrays humans as highly developed animals. Theosophy sees humans as divine. Science offers psychopharmacological assistance to all individuals suffering from disease. Theosophy offers spiritual techniques to recognize one’s divinity and liberation from suffering and improve their conditions of human life – but only to a select few.

In Science, we develop parts to build the whole, in Theosophy, we develop the consciousness in relation to the whole. Is synthesis of Science and Theosophy that combine the advantages of both, and avoid their drawbacks, possible? One way is for man not to act on a prefixed goal of science without questioning the end. One should enter into oneself with a clear and calm consciousness, to see its latent depths and capabilities as in a mountain lake. Then unfoldment from within can take place.