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Divine Thought and Universal Laws

15 Oct 2019
Conference Hall

Divine Thought and Universal Laws

This presentation will explain the three fundamental laws of Occult Science, as outlined in the Secret Doctrine. The first universal law is that everything in
the Universe, visible and invisible, is an expression of one essential unity, manifest in all that exists in Nature, from a Star to a mineral Atom, from the
highest Dhyan Chohan to the smallest infusoria. (S.D. I, 120)

The second fundamental law is the one of periodicity, of tide and ebb, flux and reflux, which physical science has observed and recorded in all departments of
nature.Is also called Law of Cycles. Then follows the Law of Harmony, Retribution and Ethical Causation, widely known as Karma; it ever tends to restore equilibrium in the physical and broken harmony in the moral world.”(Key,p.83) We call it Law of Ethical Justice. Ethics and Law are One. Obedience to Universal Law and its application by every Monad is the target of evolution.

The goal of Evolution is sustained and preserved by the Law or the Hierarchy of Compassion. The presence of the Masters of Wisdom along with the
assistance they provide is a valuable footing for the human process. On all planes of life – spiritual, psychical, physical – there exist corresponding laws
that record the Divine Idea on the germ of life as well as on the matter that envelops it. “Each plane is governed by its specific laws of evolution…”
(S.D. I,150)