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Unlocking the Symbolic Language – The Netherlands – 2005

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European School of Theosophy 4 -11 October 2005

Location: The International Theosophical Centre (ITC) in Naarden, The Netherlands

Guest Speakers:

  • D.R.
  • Dr. Elendur Haroldsson
  • Michael Gomes
  • Ray Grasse
  • Tom & Susan Ockerse


  • From Pieces to Aquarius: The Shifting Great Ages – Ray Grasse
  • Synchronicity and the Mind of God – Ray Grasse
  • Astrology and the Chakras – Ray Grasse
  • Finding the Pearl Within the Shell: An OVerview of the Classics of the Esoteric Tradition – Michael Gomes
  • Turning the Seven Keys of Occultism and Unlocking the War in Heave – D.R>
  • Children who claim to remember a past life: What do they tell us? What can we learn from them? Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson
  • Appearances of the Dead: Who have such experiences and what are their characteristics – Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson
  • Natures’Designs in Space and Time – Harold Tarn
  • Theosophy – The Master Key to the Mysteries – Colin Price
  • The 3 Objects of the Theosophical Society Colin Price
  • Beyond Language – Ali Ritsema
  • The Importance of being Foolish – Tom and Susan Ockerse
  • The Process of Right Action – Tom and Susan Ockerse
  • Living Leaves – Tom and Susan Ockerse