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One, Akasha and Immortality – Wales, 1997      

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In 1997 the European School of Theosophy was organised  at the St. Deiniols, Gladstone’s Library in  Harwarden, Wales UK – 11th – 19th Oct

G.A. Farthing:
After Death and Spiritualistic Phenomena

Harold Tarn:
Gleanings from the Collected Writings of H.P.B – Consciousness Correspondences.

Two Crucial Events in Human Evolution – The Gift of Mind and The Sin of the Mindless

(Source ‘The Story of Human Evolution’ G. Barborka)

Ianthe Hoskins: 
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Katha Upanishad
The SD

Colin Price:
Akasha and the Omnipresence of God
Immortality and the Mystery of Consciousness