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Foundations of Esoteric Philosophy, Sweden, 1999

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In 1999 the European School of Theosophy was organised in Ljungskile, Sweden – 9th-15th October. The theme ‘Foundations of Esoteric Philosophy’ was based on Ianthe Hoskins booklet of the same title.

Dr. Yves Marcel based his presentations on the Christian esoteric philosophy and spoke on Extracts from St Augustine, ‘Periphyseon’ by Scotus Eriugena, the 9th-century Irish philosopher and extracts from ‘Die Theosophy des Julius’ by Schiller.

Speakers and Lectures

 Harold Tarn:
The Hermetic Tradition

Colin Price:
Theosophy in the Vedas,
Theosophy in the New Testament

Yves Marcel:
The Stanzas of Dzyan – Evening: Celtic Tales

Denise Taggart:
Magic is Spiritual Wisdom – Evening: Slide Presentation

Evening: Devotional Music