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Theme? England, 1996

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In 1996 the European School of Theosophy was organised in Tekels Park, Camberley, England –  13th – 20th Oct

Speakers and Lectures

G.A. Farthing: 
Esotericism, Theosophy;
Framework of Knowledge
Scheme of Evolution
The Constitution of Man
The Law
Ever Becoming
Spiritual Development

Ianthe Hoskins:  
An Introduction to the Upanishads, H.P.B. and Vedanta

Harold Tarn:
The Critical Stages in the Root-Races of the 4th Round
Humanity as commented by the Mahatmas

Issac Jauli Davila: 
Individualization of the Monad and the Destiny of Man

Denise Taggart:    ?