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The Unfolding Universe – Dublin, Ireland UK 2004

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In 2004 the European School of Theosophy was organised in Dublin, Ireland from the 9th  to the 16th October.

Speakers and Lectures

 Amit Goswami Ph.D:
The Convergence of Theosophy and Quantum Physics: The Primacy of Consciousness Manifesting madam Blavatsky’s Vision
The Integration of Science and Spirituality
Our Evolutionary Future: The Physics of Supramental Intelligence.

Dr. Uma Krishnamurthy:
Yoga and mental health; the Psychology of Emotions
Superconscious States and the Psychology of Transformation; the Psychology of Supramental Intelligence.

G.A. Farthing:
Principles and Planes
Building of Form
Expansion of Consciousness
Modes of Consciousness and Spirituality.

Harold Tarn:
“Yggdrasil” the House that Jack Built
Talk on Classical Music.

Colin Price:
The Unfoldment of the Truth about the Cosmos
The Unfoldment of the Subjective Planes of the Cosmos
The Unfoldment of the Nobler and Higher Life of the World.

Dr. Yves Marcel:

Evening of Volk Tales from Breton,