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The Synthesis of Science and Religion – 2009 Hungary in Budapest

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In 2009 the European School of Theosophy was organised in Hungary, Budapest from 8 to 14 October.


Dr Stephan A. Hoeller
Harold Tarn
Colin Price
Thomas Martinovich
Michael Gomes


The Alexandria Heritage: Neoplatonic and Hermetic Gnosis  Dr Stephan A. Hoeller
Gnosis Perennis: The Gnostic Tradition Yesterday and Today
Alchemy, The Spiritual Science of Gnosis Dr Stephan A. Hoeller
The Present and the Future of the Esoteric Tradition Dr Stephan A. Hoeller

Blavatsky Meets Darwin: A Perennial View D.R.
The ID of the Gods D.R.
The Origin of Human Consciousness: Ape or Angel? D.R.
The Sacred Wedding of Spirit and Soul D.R.
The Secret of the Secret Doctrine Michael Gomes
New Science Echos Old Wisdom Harold Tarn
Science, Esoteric Science & Consciousness Colin Price