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The Path of the Eternal Pilgrim – Austria – 2013

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European School of Theosophy 10 -15 October 2013 – Austria near Graz


  • D.R.;
  • Dr Pablo Sender;
  • Janet Hoult;
  • Raphael Langerhorst


  • The Pilgrim and its Pilgrimage – D.R.
  • The Nature of the Monad Pablo Sender
  • Fundamental of Human Evolution – Raphael Langerhorst
  • Gods, Monads and Atoms: what we can learn from Leibniz  D.R.
  • The Threefold Scheme of Evolution Janet Hoult
  • The Hymn of the Pearl – a gnostic myth on our pilgrimage D.R.
  • The Emergence of Self Consciousness D.R.
  • The Path of Jnana-Yoga Pablo Sender
  • From Self-consciousness to consciousness of SELF Pablo Sender
  • Towards a first-person experience of the SELF Pablo Sender
  • Treading the Path of the Bodhisattva Pablo Sender