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The Heart Theosophy, Wales 2000

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The European School of Theosophy 2000 was organised  at the St. Deiniol, Gladstone’s Library in Harwarden, Wales, UK – 13th -20th October

Speakers and Lectures

Geoffrey Farthing:
The Ramifications of Unity, Aspects of Divine Law, H.P.B.’s Diagram of Meditation

Harold Tarn:
The Fields of Consciousness, Musical evening with Harold

Colin Price:
Thoughts of Immortality, The Complexities of Karma

Dr. Yves Marcel:
The Heart of Theosophy, Perceptions of Truth, Resonating with the Universe

Isaac Jauli Davila:
The Raising of Consciousness into Higher Principles, Theosophy and Psychology,
The Theosophical Implications in Life’s Purpose, Psychological Threads in Theosophy,

Denise Taggart:  Many Sparks – One Flame, Slide Show

Ceinwen Roberts-Stuart: Harp Recital (much appreciated by all and especially GAF)