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The Spectrum of Theosophy – 2001 – The Netherlands, Naarden

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In 2001 the European School of Theosophy was organised in The Netherlands, Naarden – 22nd-29th October.

Speakers and Lectures

G.A. Farthing: 
Theosophy the Truth Revealed, Aspects of Divine Law

Harold Tarn:
The Origin of Man-Ape or Angel, Sunburst at Jabal al-Tarif, Schubert: Sunlight from Shadow

Colin Price:
Studies in the Key to Theosophy

Edi Bilimoria:
Western Cosmology and Occult Cosmology

Yves Marcel:
Fohat, The Numbers in the Barzaz Breiz

Matter according to Science and Occultism

Evening program:
Harold Tarn: Music, Ali Ritsema: Talk, Yves Marcel: Volk Tales, Rob Kietselaer: Classical Guitar (guest)