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In the Beginning Was the World – The Netherlands – 2014

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European School of Theosophy 10-15 October 2014, Naarden, The Netherlands


  • D.R.
  • Dr Pablo Sender
  • Janet Hoult


  • In the Beginning Was the World… D.R.
  • The Birth of Number with no Number Dr Pablo Sender
  • Christos: the Word in the Gospel of John D.R.
  • Krishna: the Word in the Bhagavad Gita DR
  • The Divine Dragon of Wisdom and the Awakening of Mnakind Janet Hoult
  • Human Reflection of the Cosmic Logos Dr Pablo Sender
  • Reversing the Process of Manifestation Dr Pablo Sender
  • The Eternal Birth of the Word in Man Dr Pablo Sender
  • The Unuttered Word Dr Pablo Sender