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Exploring the Inner Worlds – UK – 2007

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European School of Theosophy 13 -20 October – Edinburgh


  • Sr Edi Bilimoria
  • E.G.
  • Michael Gomes
  • John Gordon
  • David Harvey
  • Mike Hall
  • Gary Kidgell
  • Eric McGough
  • Jackie Queakky


  • The Reality of the Master of Wisdom and HP Blavatsky’s Role in Their Great Work – Dr Edi Bilimoria
  • Beethoven and the A-Lonely Triumph Over Spiritual Suffering Dr Edi Bilimoria
  • Tools of Occult Research Michael Gomes
  • Beethoven and the Spiritual Path – Mike Hall
  • The Structure & Dynamics of our Kosmic Scheme John Gordon
  • The Associated Ancient Astrophysical Traditions John Gordon
  • The Psycho-Spiritual World John Gordon
  • The Elemental World  John Gordon
  • Lucid Dreaming David Harvey
  • The Human Constitution and its Correlates Harald Tarn
  • The Geoffrey Farthing Memorial Lecture Colin Price
  • The Way Between the Worlds Eric McGough
  • The Tears of the Muses EG