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A Mind that Embraces the Universe -The Netherlands – 2012

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European School of Theosophy 2012 – Naarden, Holland.

This poetical phrase from The Secret Doctrine arouses the spiritual intuition that the human mind has the potential to silently worship, understand and embody the Universe. Unlike a purely analytical and intellectualistic approach to life, an embracing mind experiences the world as a kosmos, a great, wonderful order. A central Theosophical teaching is that our mind is essentially a deathless emanation of the kosmic mind. There is therefore a sacred relationship between divine ideation, nature’s intelligent design and man’s capacity to comprehend and honor both.

During this year’s European School students are invited to explore together different aspects of this intimate relationship between the universal and the human mind. Using H.P. Blavatsky’s writings we will examine, in ten lectures and seven study sessions, the vital connections between consciousness in the kosmos, the nature of our mind and the ideal of human perfectibility. Each day the focus will be on one specific topic which allows us to have a lucid and coherent exploration of the whole theme.

Topics and Speakers

◆ A Mind to Embrace the Universe with David Roef

◆ Emanation and Fohat: Keys for the Evolution of the Human and Cosmic Mind (part I) with Joop Smits

◆ Emanation and Fohat: Keys for the Evolution of the Human and Cosmic Mind (part II) with Henk Bezemer

WEDNESDAY 17 October

◆ Deity Geometrizes with Tony Maddock

◆ The Origin of the Human Mind with D.R.

◆ The Crucifixion of Prometheus, a powerpoint presentation with D.R.

THURSDAY 18 October

◆ The Dual Nature of the Human Mind with Thea Deege

◆ Free afternoon, an opportunity to explore the old town of Naarden.

FRIDAY 19 October!

◆ The Psychic and Noetic Minds with Pablo Sender

◆ The Awakening of the Higher Mind with Pablo Sender

◆ A Contemplation on H.P.B.s Meditation Diagram with Steven Embrechts!

SATURDAY 20 October

◆ The Mind of Enlightenment of the Bodhisattva with Pablo Sender

◆ Reflections and comments on this year’s School