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A Master Key to the Esoteric Tradition – UK 2011

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European School of Theosophy 6-12 October 2011 London


  • D.R.
  • Dr Pablo Sender
  • John Gordon M.A.
  • Harold Tarn
  • Colin Price
  • Eric McGough
  • Dr John Algeo in absence
  • Christian Bodhi


  • The Nature of the Monad – John Gordon M.A.
  • Initiatory Spiritual Evolution – The Path in Action – John Gordon M.A.
  • Understanding the Planetary Chains – John Gordon M.A.
  • The Theosophical Society and the Masters of Wisdom Eric McGough
  • The Great Sacrifice D.R.
  • The Alchemy of Death and Rebirth D.R.
  • Death and Conscious Immortality D.R.
  • Mahatmas on the Limits of Knowledge Christian Bodhi
  • The Ultimate Reality in Cosmos and Man Dr Pablo Sender
  • The Goal of Human Evolution Dr Pablo Sender
  • Realizing the Real Dr Pablo Sender
  • The Jeweled Lotus and the Rosy Cross Dr John Algeo
  • The Fantastic Code Dr John Algeo
  • As below, so above Harold Tarn
  • Music in Harmony with Theosophy Harold Tarn
  • Life After Death with the Mahatmas Harold Tarn