Sophia & the Spiritual Path

15 Oct 2017
20:00 -21:30
Besant Hall

Sophia & the Spiritual Path

Wisdom is crucial for our understanding of what a “Spiritual Path” entails.   Without knowing what wisdom is, we cannot possibly know what may be a Spiritual Path or even Theosophy. Additionally, the notion of the divine is closely associated to wisdom, Spiritual Path and, naturally, to the very word Theosophy. Consequently, it is important to explore not only what wisdom is, but also the practical implications of associating it to an abstract notion of divine. On the other hand, it is very difficult to define both wisdom and divine. For this reason, we will briefly see how some philosophers interpreted and explained out what wisdom is. We will do so by briefly exploring the Socratic, Aristotelean, Epicurean viewpoints on wisdom, as well as their criteria to consider someone wise. Finally, we will compare and contrast their viewpoints with the ones outlined by HPB, on the meaning of wisdom in relation to the ‘Spiritual Path’ and Theosophy, and attempt to have a more substantial – if not practical – viewpoint on what wisdom may mean in relation to our daily lives, to a ‘spiritual path’ and in more abstract terms in relation to the notion of  ‘divine.’

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