Life as a Disciple

15 Oct 2017
14:30: 16:00
Besant Hall

Life as a Disciple

After successfully passing the period of Probation, the neophyte is accepted as a chela or disciple of one of the Masters of Wisdom. An important task for the chelas is to learn the practical aspect about the hidden mysteries of Nature and the powers latent in man. However, this knowledge, which can be used as easily for good as for evil, cannot be freely given. Only those who have the welfare of humanity at heart and who are on the road to self-mastery can be safely entrusted with these powerful means. In fact, chelas begin to partake in the work of the Masters to benefit humanity even while they are still undergoing their own training. In early Theosophical literature we can find a number of writings from Mme. Blavatsky and other chelas describing some of the “rules for chelaship” regulating this stage of development. These rules present to us a lofty model of moral and spiritual living, by means of which the chelas effect that inner alchemy which gradually brings their natures and aims into harmony with those of the Mahatmas. In this talk we will explore these rules and how they can be practiced by all of us, in order that the work or preparation for discipleship can be commenced in our daily life.

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