The Extinction Myth

13 Oct 2018
Conference Hall

The Extinction Myth

Like the devil himself, death has had an undeservedly bad press down the years. This is perhaps not surprising when through spiritual ignorance millions of people continue to regard death solely as a one-way street to extinction, annihilation and oblivion. This fallacy needs to end because it is damaging humanity’s psycho-spiritual unfoldment. The myth of death needs to be finally exposed and laid to rest.

We’ve heard about all the supposed downsides and other negativities surrounding death but we rarely see the opportunities and perks of the disembodied states. Some worldviews promise cavorting virgins, an eternity with Jesus or a beer- and blood-drenched Norse Valhalla. The reality is more likely to be a modicum of rest and relaxation accompanied by assimilation and learning.

We can also learn a lot about death during physical life by understanding that it is an essential component of an eternal continuum affecting everything from galaxies to goldfish. This cycle whether a micro-second or a trillion years plays out in precisely the same way: birth, growth, maturity, decline, physical death, inner plane assimilation and re-birth. There are no exceptions.

We witness the death part of the cycle is everywhere: the death of dynasties, relationships, lifestyles, careers, position, prominence, family and even the will to live itself. The same is true of planets, culture, fashions, civilizations along with plant and animal species. Death is simply a change of state, no more. Like walking into another room or changing clothes. Re-birth a notch higher on the spiral is inevitable.