From Rebirth to Death: Resurrection

13 Oct 2018
Conference Hall

From Rebirth to Death: Resurrection

The Ageless Wisdom liberating view of death has a further dimension beyond the mere comforting of the student when experiencing death.

In the center of the Great Pyramid of Giza there is an empty stone coffin. It has been suggested that it was not a tomb for a Pharaoh, but the altar of the Chamber of Initiation into the Greater Mysteries. In it lay the candidate while his soul was sent out upon the journey of death and recalled, and that after the experience he never feared death again. The experience answered the basic questions: Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?

The same process of going through the Spheres of the Tree of Life when experienced death, can be experienced when still in the body. It not only consists of a description of the actual travel of the Initiate, but it is also the framework of a training system that prepares the Initiate for liberation.

The importance of the correct understanding of these doctrines may be judged by the significant phrase of Master K.H. “that he who holds the keys to the Secrets of Death is possessed of the Keys of Life.” In the Higher Mysteries lies hid the precious teaching which rightly understood will bring to rebirth the aspirant who has passed through the agonies of Death in Life.

In the second talk we will travel through the Spheres of the Tree of Life again, but this time instead of making emphasis in the post-mortem states, we will make emphasis in the practical training of an actual Initiate, following the same pattern that the soul travels on the invisible realms when experiencing death.

We will finish with a guided meditation, as in the first lecture.