From Death to Rebirth: Immortality

14 Oct 2018
Conference Hall

From Death to Rebirth: Immortality

Death is universal. It will eventually come to each one of us. It is called the “King of Terrors” as most fear the unknown and dread the separation from their loved ones. However, according to the Higher Knowledge, this fear is unfounded. Death is part of life, not its end, a positive transition to the invisible realms, and we experience it many times.

It has been affirmed that the experience of the soul in the invisible realms depend heavily on the mental attitude and knowledge acquired by the soul in this life, so it is very important that we are prepared when death visit us again.

The doctrine regarding death exposed by the Mystery Schools of both East and West, although articulated using different symbols, languages and systems when carefully examined shows a consistent record regarding the main events experienced by the soul on its existence on the invisible worlds.

What is death? What happens when we die?

After a brief review of the message of the esoteric Spiritual Traditions of the world regarding death, we will use the framework of the Hermetic Kabalistic Tree of Life to elaborate on these questions, going through the several stages of the soul’s travel on the realms of death, which will reveal a positive and holistic view of the process of death.

Readers of Helena Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine may have noticed the many references to the Kabbalah in this and other writings, a Tradition that Blavatsky used to articulate many secret doctrines regarding Cosmogony and the Divine. In her Theosophical Glossary, she explains that Kabbalists are students of a Secret Science used to interpret hidden meanings by the use of symbols.

The first lecture will finish with a guided meditation that can be re-used by participants as a practical tool to explore the meaning and significance of death, and can be of help and comfort when confronted by it.